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A Family restaurant hidden gem in Ashburn

Savor the warmth of family dining with dishes passed down through generations. Our family welcomes you to enjoy a meal where every recipe is a slice of our heritage.

As a family-owned beacon in Ashburn's dining scene, Efesus Cafe offers a haven where every evening is an occasion. Join us for a meal and let the vibrant flavors and warm atmosphere brighten your night

At Efesus Mediterranean Cafe, a proud women-owned business, Esen Onat. We blend a passion for rich Mediterranean flavors with a commitment to innovation and community engagement. Our leadership brings a unique, dynamic perspective to the culinary world, crafting an inspiring and inclusive dining experience. We're not just serving meals; we're nurturing a global community, right here in Ashburn.

Our eclectic menu reflects the wide variety of influences and experiences that inform our approach to cooking. We don’t just serve dishes, we serve memories.

Memories made in food

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